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We focus on perfecting timeless pieces for women, inspired by thoughtful comfort, expert details, and the highest quality fabrics. A modern approach to foundational pieces that become the canvas of your everyday wardrobe and personal style. Clothing to make you feel like your true self, however you choose to wear it.

Each new piece is developed slowly and thoughtfully, with respect for the people we work with, our environment and our customers. Timeless, well-made essentials that will last and you will love forever.

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My favourite wardrobe items are my Graydawn linen culotte pants! I have them in a few colours. They are the most comfortable pants I have ever owned. The quality and fabric is incredible. It’s my favourite go-to piece when I don't want to overthink an outfit.

I absolutely love your clothes. I love every single item I bought and I know they will last because I still own Graydawn items that have lasted years. Quality is great and farbrics are so soft.