The story of Graydawn.

Graydawn is a women's clothing collection based in Cape Town, South Africa. We seek to express our love for the simple life. 

We're all about slow fashion and creating thoughtful, timeless pieces that you will love forever. Our most loved pieces and silhouettes are revisited every season in a different fabric or colour, or even just restocked.

Growing up on a small farm in the Eastern Cape has instilled in us a scense of longing for a simpler way of life. We named our label after the farm, Gray-Dawn. A combination of the names of our grandpa, Grayame and granny, Dawn.

We offer simple wardrobe essentials made from soft, natural fabrics ranging from earthy neutrals to soft blush pinks, blues and olive greens. Graydawn is proudly designed and manufactured locally with an ethical outlook and aims to provide work for the skilful women in our community. All fabric used is sourced locally if possible with the second option being yarn imported and last resort fabric imported.

Our childhood freedom to explore, to be in nature and learning to appreciate the little things in life is at the heart of everything we do. Our love for clothing and sewing comes from watching our mother sew and make all our outfits when we were younger. It wasn't long until she taught us to sew and create things ourselves. Today this connection with our childhood reminds us to always approach our work and life with a sense of purpose and mindfulness. 


Our Goal:

Our goal is to continue producing and improving the classic and sustainable garments that we have become known for and also providing consistent work for the skilful women in our team. We want to educated customers to know what they are wearing on their bodies, where it is made, who made it and for them to appreciate and look after their clothing. We want to encourage our customers to be more conscious and build a smaller, more quality focused wardrobe, only adding two or three pieces a year instead of new pieces each season. Together we can help create a fashion revolution.



Nicole Jean Hustler Co-owner and founder -

My main inspiration comes from my simple childhood, nature, farm fields, beautiful fabrics and vintage photos from the seventies/eighties. I learnt to sew from my mom at a young age and from this my interests grew to create and make clothing.  Getting to turn this into reality and my career has been challenging but most of all an incredible joy and journey.


Jocelyn Hustler Co-owner  -

As I was the youngest growing up I always looked up to my sisters and wanted to wear and do everything they did.  My mom used to make us matching outfits, I can clearly remember a black polka dot one. It was a flared skirt and matching crop tee-shirt :)  I like to say life is more simpler in a daisy field and when beauty surrounds you, you can be free to create anything.  I love working with fabrics and new styles and to see the outcome is something that drives me.


Jean Brown Hustler Knitwear Designer and maker -

I hand knit one of a kind jerseys in colours inspired by the collections.  Being self taught I try new knit styles and designs as I go. I love working along side my two lovely daughters ;)


Graydawn Farm 1942